Maximize Your Time!

Part 3

Disorganization leads to big time costs


By Wendy Collier, B. Ed.


Summary: The next time you are looking for something, pay attention to how much time it takes to find your keys, the dry cleaning receipt, and so on. These no-brainer organizing tips will help you create time and reduce a significant amount of stress.



The next time you are looking for something, pay attention to how much time it takes to find your keys, your cell phone, your coffee mug, your dry cleaning receipt, the field trip consent form, etc. It is costing you more than you know, not only in time lost but in general well-being.


Disorganization can lead to frustration which can lead to irritability and stress. This also affects our relationships because there’s a really good chance that you will speak to a family member, friend or coworker with harsh tones in your voice. Then to top that off we let our inner critic harp on us about not being organized, reminding us that a friend would “have it all together” and “what would your mother think?”


Getting your home and work space organized and more functional is a very important step to creating more “pockets of time” and it reduces a significant amount of stress.


We have found it is easier to get organized with the help of someone else. They can motivate you when you feel overwhelmed; they have a different perspective and can help you see better ways to organize. Find a friend or coworker who is really organized and can give you some ideas.


Give yourself permission to ask these people for help or buddy up with someone you know that would like to get more organized and help each other get it done. You will achieve far more together and do it in the most efficient way.


Save time with these no-brainer organizing tips:

  1. Label every box, plastic tub or basket with big letters and details of exactly what it contains
  2. Label shelves with various categories – big, bold letters; the easier it is to see the easier it is to find, examples; office supplies, crafts, sports

Give each person in the family space for their ‘stuff’.


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