Kids: Join the BOLD and Valiant Search for Abundance

By Wendy Collier, B. Ed.


Have you ever noticed how much people complain about what they don’t have or what’s wrong in their lives?


For most of us it has become a habit. Habits can change! At your age you have the power to change this way of thinking before it becomes a habit.


Instead of focusing on what we don’t have; it is important for us to show and express our thanks for all the good things we do have in our lives.


Even on your worst days if you think hard enough, there’s always at least one thing you can be thankful for and show your appreciation. There is abundance in all things available to us.


By simply saying “thank you, thank, thank you”, you are acknowledging the good things and sending out positive energy. Before you know it you’ll be having more and more positive things happen that you can be thankful for.


For example – I am thankful for; the sunny day so we could go bike riding, all the laughing with my friend, the nice note my mom sent in my lunchbox, the beautiful card my grandma sent me, my brother helping me with my homework, visiting my cousins, my health, my ability to draw and paint, having a good hair day…and so on.


Your A.C.T.I.O.N. Step: This week find at least one thing every day that you can be thankful for and simply whisper “thank you, thank you, thank you.” Then write it down in a journal. I call mine an ‘Abundance Book.’ Once you have found 7 things to be thankful for; email them to


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