4 - How To Handle Change - Losing A Dog

Self-Esteem Angel™ Series Book 4


This story introduces children to grief. Learning to handle grief is a necessary part of life. In this heartwarming story, Morgan and Delanie learn some skills that help them deal with their dog dying. Join the Self-Esteem Angel™ and Little Angel Paulette on their quest to help the twins go from being sad to feeling glad.


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Chapter Book with ink drawings

Age Range: 5-12+

Format: Paperback, 50 pp

Pub Date: December 2009

Publisher: Angel Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-9684153-3-7


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Watch the author, Wendy Collier, read excerpts from the story.

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The Self-Esteem Angel™ found Little Angel Paulette perched on the edge of the dock, writing in her journal. The water was always relaxing, and inspired Paulette to write, create, and sometimes she would even draw and paint.


Today, she looked deep in thought; totally absorbed in her writing.


As soon as the Angel stepped onto the dock, Paulette turned around and said, “Hi, Angel, I’m writing about the great experience I had this morning. However, it didn’t start off that way.”


“How did it start?” asked the Angel.


“Today, my assignment was to help some kids understand why it hurt so much to lose their dog. The dog was a birthday present for these twins when they were only 3. They’re now eleven, so the dog has been a part of their life for a long time. He was part of the family,” Paulette said, with a slight sad tone in her voice.


The Angel listened with her heart. She learned that when the Little Angels spoke in long sentences like this, they had a lot more to share and they often came up with some amazing insights. She watched intently as she saw Paulette’s face change from sadness to hope.

How To Handle Change - Losing A Dog

Paulette continued speaking. “They gave me a picture to put in my journal. Look, this is the first time they had taken their puppy with them on vacation. Aren’t the twins cute and look at the expressions on their faces. You can really see how totally happy they are, can’t you?”


“Yes, I certainly can,” smiled the Self-Esteem Angel. “Their faces are lit up and even their eyes are smiling. They really love their dog, don’t they?”


“Yes, they do. I love their dog, too. In the picture, he looks like he’d be warm and friendly. He has an amazing glow of love that surrounds him,” Paulette said with awe.


Paulette’s eyes widened as she asked, “Would you come with me to meet the twins? I think they’d feel a whole bunch better if they talked to you. I listened and gave them some ideas, but you would be able to help them even more!”


“Sure, I’d love to meet them. I’m sure what you told them are all really good things. Just listening helps a lot, too,” reassured the Angel.


The Self-Esteem Angel™ and Little Angel Paulette stood up. The Angel wrapped her wings around Paulette and they closed their eyes. When Paulette opened her eyes she discovered they were…….



Hmm…..Where did the Self-Esteem Angel take Little Angel Paulette?


Reveal this magical location! Read the rest of How To Handle Change – Losing A Dog. Join the quest to help the twins go from being sad to feeling glad.

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