8 - Divorce Is Not Your Fault!

Self-Esteem Angel™ Series Book 8


Divorce tears families apart! Shane and Brandon have never fought before, but now they are pushing each other! This leads to a serious injury. The family is forced to address some of the issues of the divorce. But, is it enough to help Shane recover?


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Chapter Book

Age Range: 8-12, Teens

Format: Paperback, 75 pp

Pub Date: July 2011

Publisher: Angel Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-9684153-8-2


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From the Author


When children believe divorce is their fault, they feel responsible and some begin to think that this makes them a bad person. They question their value and this alters the way they perceive themselves and their life.


This begins a flood of emotions ranging from guilt, fear, anger and sadness. This sparks the negative thinking and can cause minor misbehavior, but can also spiral into depression, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and violent behavior.


Get answers to these important questions:

  • What kind of fears and thoughts do kids have?
  • The energy of emotions.
  • What is “focused listening”?
  • How does “focused listening” help families?
  • Whose fault is the divorce?
  • Why do parents need to see things from a child’s viewpoint?
  • Which ideas will help the family move forward?


Recommended Resource for Parents, Counselors, Teachers and Support Workers! Anyone who works with kids need to know what to expect, what to say, and how to use these effective tools.

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“It’s your fault!”


“No, it’s not. It’s your fault!”


“NO!” shouted Brandon. “It IS your fault. You’re the one who got into trouble all the time.”


“It’s YOUR fault because you lied all the time!” shouted Shane.

Divorce - It's Not Your Fault!

Brandon took one step closer to Shane and shouted, “Well, I’m not the one who got sent to the Principal’s office every week!”


“No, you’re just the one who stole the iPhone and then told Mom and Dad that you didn’t,” Shane shouted back, as he took one step closer to Brandon.


“Argghhh!” Brandon screamed. He put his hands on Shane’s shoulders and gave him a little push. “You make me so-o mad!”


Shane stumbled back slightly but recovered. He watched his hands move up and touch Brandon’s chest and with all his strength he pushed. He couldn’t believe the strength and power in his arms as he saw Brandon fall backwards onto the ground. He’d never had that kind of strength before. He had no idea where it came from.


Shane and his brothers had never had a fight. Shane thought, “What am I doing? Why would I do such a thing to Brandon?”


Suddenly, he felt something grab his feet and before he knew what was happening, he was falling backwards. He felt his butt hit the ground and then his shoulders. He could feel sharp pangs of pain in his back and he heard himself groan.


He looked up to see Brandon kneeling beside him. Brandon looked scared. He was saying something. Shane strained his ears to hear what his brother was saying but he couldn’t hear anything.


He listened and all he could hear was the sound of his heart beating and his breath as he gasped for air.


Another face appeared over him. This face had a white and yellow glow around it. He hadn’t seen this face before. It was such a beautiful face. Wait! There was a resemblance to someone that he knew.


Suddenly that face was replaced with the face of his older brother, Matthew. His brother’s eyebrows were pulled together, like they seemed to be too often these days. He was always frowning about something or other. Matthew was talking but Shane couldn’t hear anything he was saying.


He wanted to hear what Matthew was saying because Matthew was his wise, big brother. He always listened to Matthew. His big brother always turned out to be right about everything. Matthew seemed to know so much about dealing with life. Matthew was his rock.


He could feel his breathing return to normal; he was no longer gasping for air. He felt calmer now that Matthew was here to take care of him.


It was strange how he couldn’t feel anything or see anything or hear anything. But, he felt at peace. For the first time in the past year, he didn’t feel the knot in his stomach and the sharp pain in his head.


He watched as his Dad’s face took the place of Brandon’s. His poor Dad had gone through the ringer this past year. Shane knew his Dad didn’t sleep much. Whenever Shane had a nightmare he’d go looking for his dad. He often found his Dad asleep at the desk.


He could see the bags under his Dad’s eyes, now. He’d never seen his Dad look so terrified. Shane thought, “I wonder what is so terrifying?”


Suddenly, Shane felt himself being lifted up and placed on something soft. He didn’t know these faces. The two guys were wearing matching uniforms. He loved uniforms and he didn’t care what he grew up to be, as long as it involved a uniform. He wondered where they were taking him.


His eye lids felt so heavy. He tried to keep them open so he could see what was going on. He didn’t want to miss a thing……



Dick is in trouble! Will his Mom ever be able to hear him speak? The Self-Esteem Angel is forced to break one of the rules of being an Angel so she can help Dick and his family deal with this stressful experience! Will she regret it?


Join the Little Angels as they teach Dick some tools to deal with the many emotions and challenges of divorce. This story is sprinkled with a little laughter as Dick recalls the funny things Dr. Gass says about his own name.


Reveal which rule the Self-Esteem Angel™ breaks by reading… Book 8 from the Self-Esteem Angel Series…


Self-Esteem Angel Says... “Divorce is NOT Your Fault!”

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