2 - Is Unconditional Love Like Heaven?

Self-Esteem Angel™ Series Book 2


This story is from the unique perspective of a first child who discovers the power of unconditional love and learns that the arrival of another child doesn't reduce a parent's love.


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Watercolor Paintings Full Color

Ages: 2 - 9 

Format: Paperback, 32 pp

Pub Date: September 2006

Publisher: Angel Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-9684153-1-8


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Watch the author, Wendy Collier, read excerpts from the story.

Praise for Is Unconditional Love Like Heaven? Self-Esteem Angel™ Series Book 2


"Accepting and adjusting to the birth of a new brother or sister is one of the most difficult experiences young children sometimes need to face. Here is a touching story that helps them understand that such an addition doesn't mean Mommy or Daddy will love them any less."


Robert Reasoner, President

International Council for Self-Esteem


Is Unconditional Love Like Heaven?



Get on board this fun and insightful journey, as the Self-Esteem Angel™mentors four little angels and teaches them one of the traits of being a Self-Esteem Angel™. Their lesson - to learn what unconditional love looks like and feels like.


The angels watch how this special kind of love is experienced through the eyes of Aaron, as he grows from birth to toddler-hood.  Aaron and the angels learn that everyone has the ability to love as much as they want to and as many people as they want to.  This helps Aaron understand that the arrival of his baby sister, Renée, does not limit his parents' ability to love him.


Through the continuous threads of humour and the delightful perspective of a child, you and your family will discover the true meaning of unconditional love.

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