Today’s Teens Tomorrow’s Trailblazers


By Wendy Collier, B. Ed.


You may be a teenager to the rest of the world, but you are so much more than that to me. You are the future of the world! I mean that as a fact. I need each and every one of you to step forward and own that role and the responsibilities that go with it. I believe in you and your purpose.


Each of you has amazing talents, skills, abilities, unique knowledge and interests - that you may not be aware of. It is my job to help you find these and discover ways to put these into action.


You are a key person in the path to the future. Without your contributions and ideas there would be a void that everyone would have to try to work around. It’s like you’ve left a giant black hole in the middle of the path forcing everyone to stop, and take time and energy to figure out how to move forward around this hole. This will only slow down the growth of humanity.


We need you to continue being a part of this great path so that our mission of a peaceful world operating as one community can be achieved.


You are the ones that will blaze through new territories of our minds, our hearts, our bodies and our spirit. You DO matter!


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