Self-Esteem Angel™ Mission

10th Annual Self-Esteem Angel™ Mission

The Peace Angel
The Peace Angel

Starting during the Christmas season, the 10th Annual Self-Esteem Angel Mission™, will once again, help many children.

Plant a seed of self-esteem in the minds and hearts of ‘at risk’ children with the 10th Annual Self-Esteem Angel™ Mission sponsored by Angel Books. This mission provides FREE self-esteem books to children at Women’s shelters, Christmas organizations, Big Brothers & Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs, Schools and other youth organizations.


Angel Books donates 20% of all purchases during the Mission, and for the first time, this will include their e-book sales from and Barnes and


Get involved by making a donation, sponsoring books, fundraising or make a purchase. YOU get to choose where your donation goes and 100% goes towards books.


Boost a child’s Self-Esteem TODAY!

Celebrate the Christmas Spirit All Year Long

The first book in the Self-Esteem Angel™ Series, titled “being different is cool”, has already changed children’s lives in significant ways:


  • Eleven-year-old twin girls were being teased and ostracized. After reading the book, they said, “Now we know what the other girls say doesn’t matter.”
  • A student in the play, “being different is cool”, stopped teasing because she understood the negative effect it can have on the other kids.
  • A child support coordinator told us about two children new to town reading the book and feeling less afraid and more confident about going to their new elementary school.
  • Multi-cultural families grateful for this resource to help their children because they had been teased about their physical differences.
  • Principals who were grateful that we were teaching the kids how to re-frame what other kids said to them, in the moment it happened, before it sunk in and affected their self-esteem.
  • Parents thanking Wendy because the book gave them a way to talk to their kids about self-esteem, teasing and bullying.
  • Children and youth who said “I’m an honorary Self-Esteem Angel™, that’s cool!”


“I believe positive self-esteem is prevention for alcohol, drugs, violence and other issues our children face today. Children who accept themselves, like themselves and respect themselves are also more accepting and respectful of others. When we teach children to have positive self-esteem, self-worth and life skills, they make better choices because they don’t need their peer’s approval to feel valued.


I want children to have a more positive experience of school and life!”


Wendy Collier, B. Ed.

Author & Illustrator; Professional Speaker & Facilitator


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