3 - How To Handle Change - Moving

Self-Esteem Angel™ Series Book 3


A change like moving is a significant event that creates stress for the whole family. Learn the life skills that helped Aaron and Renée successfully deal with the many challenges of moving from Alberta, Canada to Florida, United States. Join the Self-Esteem Angel and Little Angel Nick on their quest to help children handle change.


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Chapter Book with ink drawings

Age Range: 5-12+

Format: Paperback, 50 pp

Pub Date: December 2009

Publisher: Angel Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-9684153-2-0


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Watch the author, Wendy Collier, read excerpts from the story.

Praise for How To Handle Change – Moving, Self-Esteem Angel™ Series Book 3


“Moving can be tough, especially for children. It’s normal for kids to feel a variety of emotions ranging from fear and sadness to anger and depression. Children may feel as if they have no control over the move or were never part of this big decision. The Self-Esteem Angel provides both parents and children alike with powerful insights and practical tools to ease the transition through this life-changing event. Coming from a place of love and self-awareness, author and motivator, Wendy Collier helps children arrive at the new home confident, well-prepared and most importantly with self-esteem intact.”


Murray M. Fuhrer

Author – Extreme Esteem

Motivational Speaker

Read an excerpt


…….“This morning, my goal was to help Shaelyn and Alana understand why they are moving to a new city. It is so far away from their families and friends. They’re leaving behind the home they grew up in, surrounded by family and friends who they are close to,” explained Nick.


“What did you say to them?” asked the Self-Esteem Angel™.


“I told them what you’d taught us; that change is a big part of life. That we need to accept change and find ways to cope with the different types of change,” said Nick.


The Angel asked, “Did you also talk to them about the different types of change?”


“Yes, a little bit. I told them that everyone goes through changes that are big and small.”


“Did you get a chance to talk to them about how to cope with change?” asked the Angel.

How To Handle Change - Moving

Nick’s sadness showed as he said, “I didn’t get there because I felt their sadness and I didn’t know what to do to help them feel better about it. What do you think would have been good things to say to them?”


The Self-Esteem Angel’s eyes lit up, “You know what Nick; I have a better approach for you to take with this goal. Do you remember Aaron and Renée?”


“I do. We saw the live video of Aaron learning about unconditional love when Renée was born,” recalled Nick. “Then I met them when Renée was in the hospital and they needed me to be there for comfort and protection.”


“That’s them. What you don’t know is that Aaron, Renée and their parents moved from their home in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada to Orlando, Florida, which is in the United States. That’s a long, long way and a huge change to move to a new country. I’m sure they have lots of lessons they learned. Wouldn’t it be great for you to talk to them?” asked the Angel excitedly…….



Join the dig to uncover the gems of knowledge that Aaron and Renée will share with Little Angel Nick and the Self-Esteem Angel™. Read How To Handle Change – Moving the third book in this life-changing series.

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