Taking Care of You


By Wendy Collier, B. Ed.


“The best gift you could give to your family and friends is taking good care of yourself.” - Wendy Collier


It took me a long time to understand that concept. Being a caretaker for most of my life, it seemed selfish to do things for myself. When I read "One Minute For Myself" by Spencer Johnson, I finally understood the concept and it made sense. If I took better care of myself then I'd be happier and healthier and that would be good for all my relationships. If my husband takes better care of himself, he'd not only be happier, healthier and have a better relationship with me and others; I would also have less to worry about.


Putting this concept into practice has and probably always will be a lifelong challenge. When I started to do things for myself, I had very strong and very uncomfortable feelings that I was doing something wrong. So, in the beginning I would go back to my old ways of putting everyone else's needs ahead of my own. It's taken many years of practice but I am now able to do many things for my health and well-being, without feeling "selfish". And I truly am happier and healthier and enjoying better relationships.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it…, is to choose one thing you would like to do for your well-being. It could be learning a new sport or game, a bubble bath, a weekly walk with your best friend, a hobby, quiet time for you to reflect and get to know yourself, writing in a journal, reading a book, etc., the list is endless.


It's important that you choose something that you can fit into your life and do on a regular basis. It needs to become an automatic action, like brushing your teeth before bed.


If you feel like you are being selfish, then read the book "One Minute For Yourself" by Spencer Johnson. Before you know it, you'll be encouraging everyone you know to take better care of themselves.


The following quote has stayed with me over the past 15 years and I hope you'll find it meaningful. I can tell you from my experience that it really is true and I wish I'd taken the words more seriously and focused on taking better care of myself. I know I would have reached my current state of well-being much sooner, but I'm trusting the process of my journey and accepting that I needed to do what I did at that time in my life.


"Healing is not about quick pain relief,

it's about learning to take care of yourself." - Anonymous


So, take that statement literally. There are no quick fixes or easy answers, (believe me I’ve tried to find one) just start with that all important first step in taking care of you and your needs. Your family and friends will enjoy the benefits, too, and they will thank you and appreciate you for it.


Enjoy your journey,

Wendy Collier


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