5 - How To Handle Change - Friendship

Self-Esteem Angel™ Series Book 5


Keeping friends, losing friends and making new friends can be hard. Little Angel Madison gives April tips on handling this type of change. With the help of the Self-Esteem Angel, April learns about the different types of friendships. Which friends does she need to “work harder at keeping in touch and spending time together?”


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Chapter Book with ink drawings

Age Range: 5-12+

Format: Paperback, 50 pp

Pub Date: December 2009

Publisher: Angel Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-9684153-4-4


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Little Angel Madison added, “But, she was a little concerned about not being able to see her friends from last year.”


“It is hard when your friends are in a different class and involved in different activities. You do have to work harder at keeping in touch and spending time together,” stated the Self-Esteem Angel™.


“I told her that she could still see them after school and on weekends,” explained Madison


“I’m glad you told her that, it gives her ideas on how to go about making it work,” affirmed the Angel.

How To Handle Change - Friendship

“It will get harder to achieve that when her friends get to know the new kids in their class,” Madison said with a frown. “Because they’ll make new friends.”


“Remind her that she will make new friends too,” suggested the Angel.


“I will and hopefully her new friends will get along with her other friends,” said Madison. “What do you think she could do if they don’t get along?”



Will the Self-Esteem Angel have answers for Madison? If your friends don’t get a long what can you do? Learn the secrets to having better friendships by reading the rest of How To Handle Change – Friendship.

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