“Pinky-swear Friends”

By Wendy Collier, B. Ed.

Have you ever wondered how to find a friend for keeps? You may not have to look too far!

Sometimes our best friends are right in front of us. My best friend was part of my life for 2 years before we even realized we were connected. We were part of a group that hung out together.

As time passed by, we started doing activities together. Our friendship kept growing because we grew together. We eventually were able to BE the kind of friend we wanted to have.

Here’s what made us “pinky-swear friends”:
-We listened to each other without interrupting and without judgment.
-We laughed together and found our sense of humor.
-We discovered ways to get through the tough times.
-We tried new sports and activities; learning together.
-We learned what we said or did to make the other hurt; forgave each other and moved forward.
-We talked about everything: our frustrations, relationships, family, cars, pets, our fears and the future.

Your A.C.T.I.O.N. Step:
On a recipe card write down what kind of friends you’d like to have and put it somewhere special. Then ask yourself “are there things I can do to become a better friend?” Write these down and do it with all your heart.

Have faith and trust! Before you know it you will have “pinky-swear” friends just like I do. These are priceless and a ton-of-fun!

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